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How to Change the Category you Registered for or Transfer your Registration

Transfer Category/Registration

On some events you can now transfer your category after registering if the event director has enabled this feature. To find out if this feature has been enabled follow these steps:

1. Login to your BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg or SkiReg account and select My BikeReg, My RunReg, My TriReg orMy SkiReg.

2. Navigate to the entry in question in the ‘My Upcoming Events’ section and click on the word ‘Edit’.

3. On the following screen, if the event director has enabled one, or both features you will see a button or buttons labeled ‘Change Category’ and/or ‘Transfer Registration’.

Category Transfer

1. To change your category click on the ‘Change Category’ button. The available categories to transfer into will appear and the surcharge will be shown if the event director has chosen to add this fee.

2. Select your chosen category and click the ‘Change Category’ button to go to the cart and complete the transfer. If the category you are transferring into is more expensive than the one you are currently in you will be charged. You will also be charged if the event director has enabled a category change surcharge. If a category you would like to transfer into is not available it is because that category is full, or no longer available.

3. Once at the cart, select your method of payment if an additional fee is required and checkout, or finish out the transfer if there is not an additional fee.


Sending A Registration Transfer

1. To transfer your registration click on the ‘Transfer Registration’ button.

2. On the next page, enter in the email address of the person you would like to transfer your entry to and click the ‘Transfer Registration’ button. The event director may have enabled a surcharge, which will be listed on this screen, but will only be charged to the person receiving the transfer.

3. Once the intended entry recipient has successfully transferred, you will receive an email notifying you of the transfer success.


Receiving A Registration Transfer

1. If someone has chosen to transfer their registration in an event to you, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to click to complete the transfer.

2. Clicking the link in the email will bring you to the associated athleteReg site. Here you can choose to accept the transfer with your login, or continue without a login.

3. If you choose to continue without a login, fill out the required fields and click ‘Checkout’ at the very bottom of the page.

4. If you choose to continue with your login, a confirmation page will appear, where you can answer any final questions, and then click the green ‘Checkout’ button at the bottom. *This is where you will purchase a one-day license if one is needed for the category. One-day licenses do not transfer.

5. If the transfer has any associated fees, such as licenses or a surcharge, choose a method of payment and checkout. If no fees are associated with the transfer, complete the transfer.