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Gift Cards & Season Passes

Gift Cards can be created by the event director to offer participants funds to be used toward any active or future events in an event director’s account. These are a great way to offer entry to future events (think discounted season passes, or just straight gift cards).

Below are instructions on creating a new gift card event and on adding a gift card to an existing event.

To start creating a NEW gift card event:

1. Login to your Event Director profile

2. Select “Create New Event” from the Event Director Tasks menu

3. Below the Event Name text box, make sure to check the box to enable “This event only sells gift cards”

4. Complete the General Event Setup as you would normally. 

5. After completing your payment profile you will be taken to the New Gift Card screen, you can also access this screen by clicking “Category Setup” from the Event Setup menu header. 

6. Complete the New Gift Card setup –