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Virtual Challenge Process

Activity Data Collection

Participants update their activity data through our custom question functionality either weekly or daily, depending on your selection during event setup They can also import activity data from Strava if you enable this.

Participants will be able to upload their activity data through the “Edit Entry” link that is automatically included in their registration confirmation email. 

You will have the opportunity to determine what activity metrics you want to collect during event setup -- distance, time, and/or elevation gain. 

After participants upload their data, or is updated through Strava, it is automatically added to any of their previous activities to count toward the total “goal” and displayed on the leaderboard.


Leaderboard and Data Visualization

Once participants begin to upload their activity data, it will begin to appear on the event leaderboard (event results). The leaderboard will be displayed on the modified “Who’s Registered” page. 


Without a route map

If you opted to not display a route map, the leaderboard will look similar to standard event results showing the rider name, team, and the metric(s) you chose to collect.


With a route map

If you opted to use a map to visualize the activity data, the leaderboard, also on the “Who’s Registered” page, will show both standard results as well as where participants are on the virtual map.