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How to Setup Coupons

Coupon codes can be created by the event director to offer participants a discount. Discounts can be either a percentage of the entry fee or a fixed dollar amount discount that can be applied at the Cart before checkout. Coupons can be created for specific events, or used for multiple events (See “Multi-Event Coupons” below), and can have a limited number of uses available.

For example, you could offer a discount to your club member for your event (share coupon code with your club members), or you could offer a discount to the first 50 people to register (set number of available coupons to 50, and share coupon code with all potential participants), or offer a discount for early registration (set the expiration of the coupon).

To use the coupon feature:

1. Login to your Event Director area. 

2. On the left hand side, under the "Marketing Tools" menu click on "Coupons".

3. Click the “Add New Coupon” button. the 'Coupon Type' 

  • Create unique coupon(s) creates a coupon with a unique name that you decide on.
  • Generate multiple random coupons creates coupon names with a mix of letters and numbers such as 5XS4T9M

4. Fill out the coupon information.

  • - Coupon Name/Coupon Group Name - Note that this can not get edited once created.
  • - Discount Type - choose the type of discount, Percent Off, Amount Off, Fixed Price, Reusable Gift Card.
  • - Coupon Value - the dollar amount off, or the percentage amount off
  • - Coupon Applies To - Choose Cart Total if you want to offer just one discount per cart, i.e $20 off the entire cart, regardless of the number of events entered. Choose Each Cart Item, if you want to have the discount apply to each eligible item in the cart.
  • - Expiration Date - required to enter the last date you want this coupon to be valid. It will expire at 11:59 PM on that date.
  • - Coupon Is Valid For - choose the categories for which the coupon is valid. Click the box by the event name to make the coupon valid for all categories.
  • - Custom Question - select this option if you want to apply the coupon to a custom question set with a cost

5. See the green box at the bottom of the Details section to visually see how your coupons will work, and to ensure the discount type and amount apply as you intend them to.

6. Click "Save."

7. If you wish to add more coupons (in differing amounts or for different categories) click "Add New Coupon."

8. To Edit, view the Usage or Delete a coupon, select the three dots next to the coupon. 

9. Share your coupon code with prospective participants. Use athleteReg Email Tools to contact previous event participants.

Note that coupon codes can be applied to multiple events by using Multi-Event Coupons under Event Director Tasks. All existing coupons will show in Multi-Event Coupon Codes.