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How to Download Registration Data

You can download some or all registration data for your event to a csv file at any time by clicking “Download Registration Data” in the "Registration Data" menu.

1. Login to your event director account.

2. Click on the name of the event for which you wish to refund entry fees.

3. Choose which records to download by category, date range, online or manual entry, and include merchandise items or not.

4. Choose which data items to download. Several standard download templates are available, including standard race format, Cyclocross race format and mailing label. Or event directors can choose exactly which data items to download, drag and drop to reorder the fields, and save their own download templates.

5. Choose the sort order of your data by three levels. 

6. Choose how your data will be formatted, including all team members into a single row, ALL CAPS or without commas. 

7. Click "Download Registration Data." 

8. Open your registration data file in a program such as Excel. 

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