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Setting up USAT License Integration

You can now confirm participant USAT license validity automatically for your TriReg event.

To set that up, select the event from your list of events and click "Category Setup" and click "Edit" next to the category. On the "USAT" bar, check off the box next to "USAT License required to register for this category" and save. To enable this option you will need to have previously setup a USAT event ID in the 'General Event Setup' section.

TriReg has full USAT one day membership integration for your participants needing to purchase this option. When a participant for your event chooses to purchase a one day membership the fee will be transferred to USAT directly so you don't have to worry about transferring funds at a later date! If they have already purchased a USAT one day membership there is also an option for them to enter this information directly.